Listen and learn the details of Pharmaka products directly from the creator.

  • Bienenwachs Leather Cream

    Made from Bees wax. This unique formula provides the deepest richest look to your saddle. Made in Germany.

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  • CLAC

    CLAC also known as Deo-lotion is the famous non irritating fly repellent. Can be diluted with water (7:1) for more economical use. Made in Germany.

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  • Foxfire Hair Polish

    Economical refill for our Foxfire sprayer bottle. Out performs every polish we have ever sold. This formula adds a spectacular shine and repels dirt and dust. Balanced formula contains the right measure of coating substances to give a glossy shine and care or repair substances to keep the coat strong and sane. Made in Germany.

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  • Hypofekt for Zippers

    Dirty and sticking zippers are a thing of the past! Hypofekt cleans and lubricates zippers, prolonging their life and reducing the chance of blowouts and damage. Simply apply to the length of the zipper and work the zipper several times to evenly distribute the product. Does not smear or stain leather and clothing.

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Horse Pharmaka Products
Made in Germany with exacting care, English Riding Supply is proud to present its customers with the European top selling products
  • Deo-lotion - a total natural fly repellent, also available in a roll-on for around the eyes
  • Fox-fire hair polish for a perfect coat
  • Pepede leather wash (recommended more by German leather makers than any other brand, for your chaps, gloves, and breeches
  • The popular Sit Tite spray and cream to give you that extra bit of grip
  • The # 1 European Leather Care, Leather Care Milk
  • Many more products for horse and leather care---try Germany's best!